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Most Popular Features:
Genetics Tutorial (Teaching folks genetics the right way for over ten years!)
Morph Library (Updated for 2011)
Snake Measurer (Updated for 2011)
Cornsnake Morph Guide Digital Editions.

Other sections on this site:
Giraffe Pattern algorithm,
r0x0r video game,
Chess Tutorial,
Unreal Tournament levels & mods,
CameraToForum and SnakeMeasurer software

Sep 1st, 2011
The site has been re-done with all new graphics and a new (much better) snake measurer that works inside the browser. Instead of trying to update existing spaghetti code that was spewed out by a WYSIWYG web editor, I ended up re-writing the entire thing from the ground up. If you run into anything that doesn't seem to be working the way it should, let me know. :)

Stuff that happened way back in the olden days...

May 12th, 2001
New carotene experiment info. Some alterations/corrections to the morphs library and some more additions to the genetics tutorial.

May 10th, 2001
The new genetics tutorial is up. Please take a walk through. Any feedback is welcome. :)

March 19th, 2001
Iíve started a test to see if carotene supplements will bring out more of the red/yellow/orange colors in corns. All data and details of the ongoing experiment are available on this page.

March 6th, 2001
The pics section still has more to be added. But the genetics, care, and morphs sections are pretty much ďdoneĒ for now. More apps will be added as I find time, and find useful things I want to do. I do a lot of toying around in Visual Basic 5, and have written more than 100 programs. Iíve written everything from editors for games, data processing and calculating, file & GUI utilities, file conversion utilities, test automation apps so I can kick back and be lazy at work, screensavers, and most recently, r0x0r.

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